40th Seniors’ European Cup on the bob
and toboggan run in Igls-Innsbruck

2020 March 5th – March 7th 

Race Report

The 40th edition of the European Two-man Bobsleigh Senior’s Cup and 2nd edition of the German Two-man Bobsleigh Senior’s Championship was held at the Olympic Bobsleigh Track in Igls, Austria on 7 March 2020.

This year was a very special event with it being our 40th Anniversary and we were honored to have our President, Prince Albert of Monaco present and actively supporting the event.

The competition is held every year and is open to male and female athletes with prizes awarded for the overall male & female winners and for the winners of the ‘older class’.  It is normally held in February or March once the IBSF World Cup and World Championships have been completed. There are 2 training days (Thursday & Friday) with the race on Saturday morning following IBSF rules with slight modifications to accommodate ‘older’ athletes! The main differences are the maximum weight of the sled and athletes is increased from 390Kgs to 405Kgs and the use of FIBT steel runners is not mandatory. A very sociable dinner and prize giving is held that evening in the Isserwirt Hotel in Lans. 

The date for next years competition will be announced on the web-site once the IBSF calendar has been finalized and COVID 19 restrictions permitting!

This year we had 32 teams from 10 different Nations competing in 4 classes:        

  • Open Class 1 – Over 35 years old
  • Older Class 2 – Over 40 years old
  • Older Class 3 – Over 50 years old
  • Older Class 4 – Over 55 years old

Training started on Thursday with 2 sessions during the day, offering 3 runs to all in both sessions.  This was followed by a sociable “Meet & Greet” in the Isserwirt Hotel, Lans that evening.  Another 2 training sessions were available on Friday followed by the Team Captains Meeting and Race Draw.

The race was held at 10:30 on Saturday morning over 2 exciting and closely fought runs.  The race results were as follows:

Open Class

  • 1st Place          Dawid Kupczyk, Jakub Havlin (POL)
  • 2nd Place        Rico Peter, Christopher Woolley (SUI)
  • 3rd Place         Beat Hefti, Beat Wullschleger (SUI)

Older Class 2

  • 1st Place          Wolfgang Stamper, Christoph Hayder (AUT)
  • 2nd Place        Patrice Servelle, Sebastien Gattuso (MON)
  • 3rd Place         Milan Jagnesak, Roman Gomola (SVK)

Older Class 3

  • 1st Place        Peter Hinz, Peer Joechel (GER)
  • 2nd Place        Andy Zeidler, Roland Tanner (SUI)
  • 3rd Place         Niki Albrecht, Philipp Jucker (SUI)

Older Class 4

  • 1st Place          Graham Richardson, Richard Hall (GBR)
  • 2nd Place        Schebltz Christian, Holl Peter (GER)
  • 3rd Place         Schmid Peter, Teigl Kurt (SUI)

German Senior Championship

  • 1st Place          Peter Hinz, Peer Joechel (GER)
  • 2nd Place        Christoph Gaisreter, Mav Amereller
  • 3rd Place         Martin Fischer, Kai-Uwe Kohlert

Information about the event and regulations

Patron:                        Prince Albert of Monaco
Patron:                        IBSF
Organizer:                  Bobclub Amras, Innsbruck – Wolfgang Stampfer / Andy Zeidler  (wolfgang.stampfer@hotmail.com)                                                    
Race Director:            Peter Grimm, Munich, Germany
Jury:                           Helmut Zwerger (A), Ian Richardson (GBR), Hansjörg Scheuble (CH)
Announcer:                 Alex Hager
Timing:                       Viktor Mallaun
Entry Organizer:        Inge Nerb  (inge.nerb@gmail.com)

Prices: All participants do not have to pay an entry fee.
Training runs € 55,00.  (Payment by Cash only, no credit cards)

Prize:   The winners of the General Class will be awarded the title, ”European Senior 2 man bob champion”. Prizes will be awarded for 1st to 3rd place.

  • free admittance for training and race
  • catering at the track on the 6th and 7th of March 2020
  • side events and award ceremonies on the inside area of turn no. 14
  • start of race, 1st scoring run skeleton bob on March 7 2020 at 9 a.m., after that “Spurbob”
  • start of AC four-man bob with three bob-sleighs
  • after that: start of the 40th European Senior’s two-man Bobsleighing Cup


  • General                      
    Pilot and brakeman minimum age of 35 years (appointed date 06/30/2020) and internationally non active in the season of 2019/2020 (EC, WC, EM, WM)
  • Age group 2               
    Pilot and brakeman minimum age of 45 years, otherwise like general group
  • Age group 3               
    Pilot and brakeman minimum age of 50 years, otherwise like general group
  • Age group 4               
    Pilot and brakeman minimum age of 55 years, otherwise like general group
  • Ladies:                       
    Pilot and brakewoman minimum of 30 years, otherwise like general group

Each pilot/brakeman must have completed 2 successful training runs to be entered into the race.

All competitors must have accident insurance to be admitted into the competition.

The Organizing Committee can’t offer ‘daily insurance for the competition’. Each participant will have to confirm that they have accident insurance and sign a waiver against the organizer. The organizer accepts no liability in cases of accidents or damage. Furthermore, no claims for damage can be made against Bob Track Igls.

You can download the official nomination form here.

Training Schedule and reception

Thursday, March 5, 2020     
10:00 to 12:00            Training, 2 runs available
16:00 to 18.00            Training, 3 runs available
18:30 to open             Reception for Bob teams at the Isserwirt in Lans.

Friday, March 6, 2020
10:00 to 12:00            Training, 3 runs available
From 14:00                 Registration and payment in Race Office.
16:00 to 18:00            Training, 2 runs available
18:30                           Team Meeting and Race draw in Race Office

Race Information

Saturday, March 7, 2020
10:00                          Race Starts, 2 runs

All the race classes will start as per the race draw. The start list and the results will show the class subdivision.

13:00   Winners Ceremony to be held inside the finish curve.
14:00 to 16:00 Taxi bobs. Guest trips in a 4 man bob are available.
Guests must pre register with Wolfgang Stampfer
Price per person is € 100,00
18:00               Food available in the Isserwirt, Lans.
(Reservations are required beforehand)
20:00               Award ceremony and afterwards entertainment with live
music in the Isserwirt, Lans (hotel@isserwirt.at)